Our Story

When we shifted base from India to here, along with dreams and aspirations, we also brought with us our history, culture, and food. Knowing our roots, guests who’d come home would demand authentic, home-cooked meals from us, which we’d delightfully serve them. After savouring a scrumptious saapad (meaning – a full course meal in Tamil) they’d often wish we did this on a full scale.

And that’s how Vivasa was born.

Vivasa is a word of Sanskrit origin, meaning “Sun God”. And a feast is what we intend to offer you. A feast of tastes, a feast of sights, and a feast of delightfulness. The main ingredient in all our dishes is love. We cook with love and we feed with love.

All our dishes are made out of authentic Indian ingredients. Our chefs are masters of their trade and work with recipes that have been handed down to us from the past generations.

The menu you hold in your hand has hand-picked specials from various parts of India. But we haven’t stopped, yet! The list continues to grow…

Please place your order. We are eager to serve you.